Website For Tradesmen

Website for Tradesmen - Landscaping Services



Our client approached us as a referral from previous SEO work we had done for a mutual friend.

'I need a professional website, not a basic one but something that details all of the landscaping services we offer in Nottingham.'

The client decided very quickly on the first call that they didn't want our 'Something Simple' package. They wanted a more comprehensive build. Therefore they went for our 'Fully Equipped' package.



We had to start from scratch, the business doesn't exist yet. We needed to come up with a name for the business, search for a relevant domain name (URL) and then start the website build.

The website needs to fully detail each service provided. This industry generally has websites that are small and have bullet point lists of services on one page. Often the websites are old, non responsive and small, limited to 3 to 5 pages. This website needs a page for each service offered, a gallery, a blog and contact page.

The Result of Our Work

Website for Tradesmen

We delivered to the client a very elegant UX design responsive WordPress website. We took care of every aspect. All content was written by us and also all Photography was taken by us across multiple locations.

The website for tradesman for Nottingham Fencing and Paving benefits from having a dedicated website page for each service offered. This increases the QS (Quality Score) for any future advertising relevancy.

The website was written in a way that it ranks well without having has any SEO from the outset. However the client also wants to use our Local SEO services. This is to ensure they have a top ranking for multiple keywords across towns in Nottinghamshire. If you are looking for a Website for Tradesman, you can contact us today and get started.

Vimana Digital built a website for my new landscaping business and made the process really simple. I needed advice and Amit and Sara came up with some great ideas including a business name, logo, photography and the website design. They created all of the content writing every page and taking all of the pictures for multiple locations we worked on. We chose to use Vimana seo service and so far so good. I would highly recommend calling Amit if you need someone to take care of you online and gives straight forward honest advice.