Quality Assurance Services

Quality Assurance Services

Quality Assurance services are essential for any software development project.
Have you recently upgraded your Website or App?
Ensure it is secure and working flawlessly.
Quality Assurance Services
Vimana Digital works with a small team of QA experts to run in depth QA testing on web and mobile apps.
We test your web and mobile apps to ensure they are free of defects and fit for purpose.
  • What We Test - Software applications from Web and Mobile, Ecommerce platforms, social networks, and SaaS integrations. If you have a piece of software that needs a quality check, contact us.
  • How We Test - We use both automated and manual methods to achieve a high level of quality to our testing.

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Automated & Manual Testing

We provide flexible, independent and quality software testing services. Please see a brief overview of each testing procedure below.
Mobile App Testing​

Mobile App Testing​

Mobile app testing checks that functionality, usability, security, performance and other features are up to the task in hand.

Every single feature of the app is tested as per requirement.

Testing the interface to check correct size buttons, correct size font and style. Proper design of the app should not be cluttered.

Testing across 3G, 4G and 5G. Mobile data connection testing and testing the app without any data connection.

Testing to ensure intuitive instructions are placed where needed such as help text and that all messages are understandable. Testing app reactions to incoming telephone call interruptions and switching from one app back to another.

Regression Testing​

Regression Testing​

If any changes or enhancements are made to an app, Regression Testing ensures the functionality is as it was prior to any updates.

Many apps are built with minimal resources and changes can be frequent and impactful on functionality, security and more, for this Regression Testing is essential.

Once an app has had any changes to resolve software issues, we access the current performance against key checkpoints.

Usability Testing​

Usability Testing​

During the initial development of an app project we test to check you are heading in the right direction with content, navigation, layout, flow and speed when compared to other working apps.

Tests are performed for the benefit of the end user satisfaction making the application more effective.

Usability testing is performed to understand the target customer’s needs and focus solely on these.

Any potential issues and bugs are solved at the very start with no hindrance for the end user, bringing risk of product failure to a minimum. We can identify areas of the application which may need to be removed and which to be repeated.

The main focus of Usability testing is to give the end user the best results ensuring the product launch is a success.

Security Testing​

Security Testing​

Security testing ensures that the system is protecting all data and information of the application users.

Checks to ensure no loopholes for non users to have access to specific information, data and services.

Checks to ensure any data being sent to a user is correct, consistent and secure.

Ensuring the important information is shared only with approved users of the website following a security check

To check that only designated users have access to specific system information or services.

Compatibility Testing​

Compatibility Testing​

Testing both web and mobile apps across multiple web browsers and operating systems. There must be consistency across each of these. 

A small error such as the user not being able to enter text in a field will give the user a negative effect and bounce away from the app.

Testing across multiple platforms and browsers such as Chrome, Bing, Firefox, Yahoo and more.

Selenium Testing​

Selenium Testing​

Selenium WebDriver is an open-source automation tool which sends commands to a browser and retrieves results. 

We create and run test scripts verifying that your web and mobile app is working as intended when the end user is using it.

A Selenium WebDriver script written for one project can be reused on additional projects too. These scripts become asset of the automation testing process.