Product Photography

Photography @ Gablestock Animal Feeds

You’ll find a lot of Digital Marketing and Web Design agencies don’t offer Photography or Product Photography as one of their services. At Vimana Digital we have a background in ‘Imagery’ from Video Production and Photography for both print and digital use.

We’ve built a fair few websites in the past year and around 80% of them required new or fresh content both in terms of copywrite and imagery. It can really slow a project down and nobody wants that. We like to help our clients by taking away some of these responsibilities.

That’s where our Photography Services come in. For our new website builds we offer multiple photography services to suit each business. We go on location (anywhere) and have the option for businesses to send products to us and we securely return them once they have been photographed.

Setting Up for Product Photography

We arrived just after 9pm after a 45 minute or so drive in the winter. Here you can see Sara unpacking our equipment. It took us around 20 minutes to get fully set up. We just needed a 2×2 meter area with a power supply to work in.. and a steaming hot drink!

Taking the Photos

John needed to get on with running his business, so all we needed from him was a shopping list. We used a trolley and picked each 20kg bag and stacked around 8-10 at a time. These animal feed bags are slightly dusty from sitting in a large warehouse so each one is wiped down. Once clean, it is then carried into position ready for the photos to be taken. It is then carried back out and placed back on to the trolley and then taken back to its original place. As little additional work for the business owner as possible. 

The End Result

Stunning Photography! We now have everything we need for the website to the exact requirements. These images are secure within the website and additionally they are sent to the client either online or on a memory stick.


Anywhere! No really, we will go anywhere on or off the planet. We are based in Long Eaton, Nottingham but we also have staff and clients in Australia and India so we get about a fair bit.

No not really. We have solutions around this. Recently we have done photography for clothing brands. They send the clothing in a box and we can then take pics in-house and model them if required. 

We don’t. We are becoming very popular with creating elegant websites that we seem to be taking a lot of pictures of products. From those you see here on this page to hot and cold food, clothing and more.

You can book us in for almost any kind of Photography, we are well prepared. We have 2 Wedding Photography sessions booked in over the past week.

We usually require at least 3 days notice but that isn’t set in stone.

There will be 2 of us. Most of the time you won’t even notice we are there.

Every shoot is different of course but we often are given amazing hospitality from our clients. If we travel far then often they will accommodate us until the photography is complete.