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SEO / Search Engine Optimisation – SEO Agency Services – True, Realistic and Measurable organic results for keywords that drive traffic to your website.

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Increase organic website traffic with our expert approach as an SEO agency.

With our strategy you can see solid results in a very short time. We want to see more enquiries, telephone calls, leads and sales. From optimising your website to content creation and more. As an SEO agency, our goal is to ascend your business to the top of the search results on Google and Bing.

SEO Agency Services

See positive SEO results from an ethical working practice.
  • Quality Assurance - As an SEO agency we work to only the best practices given by Google and Microsoft. Our approach is ethical and honest. Sure we have a few tricks too but we keep these inline with SEO agency best practices.
  • Ongoing SEO Optimisation - Building a strong domain authority for your website involves ongoing work which we roadmap to give you a clear picture throughout your SEO campaign.

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Features Include:
Ascend to the top of Google, Bing and Yahoo and benefit from free clicks. Organic results garner more website visits than paid Ads.
Creating rich, relevant content with technical page optimisation techniques to increase your domain authority and overall website quality.
Linking with other websites is essential to growing your reach online. We only backlink with secure, high domain authority websites and of course quality over quantity.
SEO Audit for your Website Today!

Let’s start by running a comprehensive, technical SEO audit of your website, this is free of charge and will take us around 24 hours to complete. This will give us clear instructions of where we start in getting your website to rank at the top of all search engine results pages (SERPs).

SEO Audit


Keyword difficulty is the first factor to consider. We will research your industry and then put together technical and content strategies to quickly ascend the rankings on Google and Bing. This can sometimes be as quick as one month, but to ensure a non fluctuating ranking the campaigns can be up to 12 months.

We have 6,12 and 24 month campaigns but generally our clients continue after the term to ensure they maintain position.

A lot of hard work. We have to write well structured, rich content, optimise each web page with technical checkpoints and much more both on and off site. As an SEO agency, we have many SEO specialists in our team each with their own perspective and SEO skills. When consolidated, we really make an impact.

Yes and No. Look at it like this, you’ve slowly worked your way up the rankings over let’s say a 12 month period and you are now happy with your ranking. You decided to stop/pause the campaign. Days or weeks later the position will likely hold as once established they only fluctuate ever so slightly.

The risk we all run is that our and your competitors may also be aggressively running a Search Engine Optimisation SEO campaign and are slowly creeping up the rankings. That’s why with our affordable rates, and ultimately our results, our clients stick with us and continue past the standard campaign length.

Sure. What we continually see is that companies have lavish websites built and expect them to rank well because they paid upwards of £50k for them. Not realising that traffic doesn’t form on it’s own. We often have to educate our new clients on how to generate traffic when a new website is complete for brand search, services and products.

SEO is forever changing and choosing Vimana Digital for your SEO will ensure you have all of the up-to-date strategies in your campaign.

You can do a quick search on many free to use keyword research websites to get an idea of search volume across your target geographical regions.

Certainly. Location targeting can be excellent to build your overall DA Domain Authority. You let us know if you have any locations in mind and we will do our best to get your keyword to rank #1 for a location based search.

Cost can be confusing for an SEO campaign, the page you are on now is to show you SEO which can be global. We also have a Local SEO page which you can visit.

Currently we have 2 very similar campaigns in terms of geographical targeting, both are for 9 countries across Europe. One is for vehicle hire and the other for a packaging company. The difference is the number of keyword the clients want to target and also how aggressively they want to target these.

A similar result can often be achieved in 6 months of what a 12 month campaign would be if the budget was x2.

Yes and No. It’s just like spray painting a car, unless the proper prep work has been done, all you are really doing is covering the cracks. SEO involves bringing the health of the site up to scratch but it is a losing battle if the website is out dated or built in a heavy platform.

We would highly recommend that if you feel your current website is not up to par then we design and build a brand new website from scratch. The key benefit here is that a site built with SEO in mind from the start will be secure, healthy and ready to move forward without fighting against the website.

Certainly, simply keep scrolling down and either fill in the form below, email us or pick up the phone and speak to us today.

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