Secondary Glazing Website

Secondary Glazing Website

In this article, we provide a concise summary of our experience designing and developing a Secondary Glazing Website for Secondary Glazing Leicester, based in, you guessed it, Leicestershire.

Secondary Glazing Website Requirements

Vimana Digital needs to create a website focusing on Secondary Glazing in Leicester. It must target Leicestershire residents and act as a digital brochure.

The website should be content-rich, yet concise, offering downloadable brochures and PDFs. Since SEO is crucial, it must be optimized from the start for the specific region.

To encourage engagement, multiple call-to-actions such as live chat, quick forms, and clear contact details are necessary.

Moreover, the website should be mobile and tablet-friendly. Vimana Digital has full creative freedom for design and development, and will handle the copywriting entirely.

Building the Website

Prior to commencing the creation of a new website, our primary focus is to consolidate all the available content. In this instance, we undertook the task of copywriting from scratch combining this with an SEO strategy.

After gathering all the essential materials, we proceeded with the construction of the website utilising the WordPress framework.

Consolidating Website Content
Web Design Progress 20%

The website imagery is sourced from manufacturers and a few recent client works. High-quality imagery is crucial for any new website to avoid an unappealing look. We won’t settle for poor visuals!

Imagery and Photography
Web Design Progress 40%

Vimana Digital provides a comprehensive copywriting service for all industries, including Secondary Glazing Leicester. From the beginning, we ensured SEO-rich content. We designed, developed, and wrote the entire website.

What’s the advantage of this? While you’re an industry expert, we excel in SEO and can create content that ranks on page 1 of Google within a month, regardless of the industry.

Our copywriting for this website impressed Google, and you can see the successful result at the end of this article.

Product Upload and Listing
Web Design Progress 60%

The website boasts a simple and uncluttered layout that facilitates easy navigation. The colour palette employed across the website harmoniously complements the Secondary Glazing Leicester logo.

Crucially, the website has been meticulously designed to withstand the test of time, requiring minimal substantial modifications or updates in the future.

Website User Experience
Web Design Progress 80%
The End Result

Secondary Glazing Leicester provides a supply and fit service for customers in Leicester and the wider Leicestershire area. If you need secondary glazing and are in or around Leicestershire, reach out to them and mention our referral. Don’t hesitate!

As mentioned earlier, we employed an SEO strategy from the start. The website went live in July 2023, and Google indexed it within 24 hours. Thanks to the high-quality copywriting and development, the website achieved page 1 ranking on Google on its very first day!


Wrapping Up With Finishing Touches
Web Design Progress 100%