Cleaning Services Website

Cleaning Services Website

A brief overview of our work for Dirt Detox, a cleaning services company based in Long Eaton, Derbyshire. Helping them design and develop a new Cleaning Services Website to attract both residential and commercial customers..

Cleaning Services Website Requirements

Dirt Detox required a brand new website to showcase multiple cleaning services to both residential and commercial customers. The website required full copywriting services for each service offered.

The website needed to be clear to read, easy to navigate and be compliant within their industry.

Building the Website

Before making a new website we want to consolidate as much content as possible. In this case we did all of the copywriting so there was no content beforehand to work with. We built the website using WordPress.

Consolidating Website Content
Web Design Progress 20%

The website has a mix of imagery and graphic design illustrations. As this is a large website, imagery for each service was required. We chose to show before/after imagery for each service. The website also has customised icons to give the website a modern appeal.

Imagery and Photography
Web Design Progress 40%
Copywriting for Cleaning Services

At Vimana Digital we offer a comprehensive copywriting service for all industries. Dirt Detox required us to write the full content for the website. Each service page was written from scratch by Vimana Digital.

Website Copywriting
Web Design Progress 60%

The overall aesthetic of the website is clear and trustworthy. With a colour palette to match their logo. The website is designed in a way that it will age very well without many changes.

Website User Experience
Web Design Progress 80%
Contact Details

Dirt Detox offer their services to both commercial and residential customers around Derby, Leicester and Nottingham. If you require anything from an oven clean to a full builders clean then give Dirt Detox a shout and tell them we sent you. If you need a website to showcase your services then give Vimana Digital a call today!

Wrapping Up With Finishing Touches
Web Design Progress 100%