Pub Website

Pub Website

In this article, we provide a concise summary of our experience designing and developing a pub website for The White Lion, a popular pub located in Sawley, Derbyshire.

Pub Website - The White Lion Sawley

Pub Website Requirements

The White Lion urgently needed a brand new website, as their previous website was outdated and practically unusable. Therefore, the new website had to showcase not only the pub’s features, but also their partners and the various events they host.

Furthermore, the website had to be designed in a way that was easy to read, navigate, and featured high-quality imagery.

Building the Website

Before embarking on the task of creating a new website, our first priority was to consolidate all available content. In this particular case, we had to create all of the copywriting from scratch, as there was no existing content to work with. Additionally, we arranged for a professional photography shoot to capture fresh imagery that would complement the new website.

Once we had gathered all necessary materials, we proceeded to build the website using the versatile platform, WordPress.

Consolidating Website Content
Web Design Progress 20%

When we went to The White Lion to carry out the photography shoot, we encountered an unfortunate twist of fate: it started raining! Nevertheless, we persevered and managed to capture just enough images to adequately cover the website.

Imagery and Photography
Web Design Progress 40%

Vimana Digital provides a comprehensive copywriting service that caters to all industries. In the case of The White Lion, we were fortunate enough to receive some pre-existing written content, which we subsequently enhanced and refined as necessary.

Product Upload and Listing
Web Design Progress 60%

The website header boasts a cool and visually-appealing design that incorporates bubbles to showcase the pub’s extensive selection of beverages. In terms of aesthetics, the website is characterized by a simple, uncluttered layout that is easy to navigate. The colour palette used throughout the website perfectly complements The White Lion’s logo.

Importantly, the website has been expertly designed to age well over time, with minimal need for significant alterations or updates in the future.

Website User Experience
Web Design Progress 80%
Ongoing Events

In addition to boasting a wonderful outdoor beer garden, The White Lion also features a unique ‘Pizza Shack’. As part of our ongoing services, we ensure that the website is kept in a healthy and up-to-date condition, including updating the events section as necessary.

Wrapping Up With Finishing Touches
Web Design Progress 100%