Brochure Website

Brochure Website

A brief overview of our work for Gablestock Animal Feeds in Nottingham. Helping them design and develop a new brochure website to showcase their wide range of animal feeds.

Brochure Website - Gablestock Animal Feeds - Web Design Nottingham

Brochure Website Requirements

Gablestock Animal Feeds are based in Long Bennington, Nottingham and required a more up-to-date website to showcase their animal feeds.

The website needed to be easy to navigate by category of animal. Payment gateway was not required as Gablestock generally sell their raw products on a customers weight quantity requirement.

Building the Website

Before we make a new website we want to consolidate as much content as possible. For Gablestock Animal Feeds we offered several services aside from website development. We did a 2 day product photography shoot to capture high quality imagery. We built the website using WordPress.

Consolidating Website Content
Web Design Progress 20%

The new web design required at least 2 pictures of each product, mostly of feed in bags and one of the loose feed. Gablestock used our Product Photography service, this involved us visiting the Gablestock facility with our equipment to take over 300 pictures over a 3 day period.

On Site and Product Photography
Web Design Progress 40%
Product Listings

With a wide range of products available we firstly consolidated the data for each product and then listed them.

As is the same with all of the large sites we build, this too has granular product pages. A website that offers multiple products should have a granular breakdown of pages in order for each product to be relevant for an online keyword search. For example, Google have an algorithm for both SEO and PPC that require your website to have a high QS (Quality Score). This has a multitude of benefits.

Product Upload and Listing
Web Design Progress 60%

The brochure website has a friendly design which is to appeal to all ages. The navigation of the site is very easy. All tweaks were made to ensure the site was fully mobile responsive.

Website User Experience
Web Design Progress 80%
Testimonials and Contact Details

Gablestock Animal Feeds have been in business for many years and have lots of great reviews on Google. If you require animal feeds then head over to their website and contact them, they will be more than happy to help.

Wrapping Up With Finishing Touches
Web Design Progress 100%