Kitchen & Bathroom Fitters Website

Kitchen & Bathroom Fitters Website

In this article, we provide a concise summary of our experience designing and developing a Kitchen & Bathroom Fitters Website for Allsop Interiors, based in Derby.

Kitchen & Bathroom Fitters Website Requirements

Vimana Digital had the task of developing a contemporary and responsive website for Allsop Interiors in Derby. The new website must prioritise ease of navigation and modern design, while effectively highlighting each service provided.

Furthermore, the website should be compatible with mobile devices and tablets. Vimana Digital is granted complete creative freedom for both design and development, and will take charge of the entire copywriting process.

Building the Website

Prior to commencing the creation of a new website, our primary focus is to consolidate all the available content. In this instance, we undertook the task of copywriting from scratch combining this with an SEO strategy.

After gathering all the essential materials, we proceeded with the construction of the website utilising the WordPress framework.

Consolidating Website Content
Web Design Progress 20%

Allsop Interiors supplied the website imagery. Ensuring high-quality visuals is essential for a new website to prevent an unappealing appearance. We refuse to accept subpar visuals!

Imagery and Photography
Web Design Progress 40%

Vimana Digital offers an all-encompassing copywriting service for various industries.

We invest the time to comprehend your business and craft tailored content specific to your services and offerings. Frequently, our clients face challenges in finding time to generate fresh content, but that’s where we come in. Leveraging our copywriting services ensures that your content is written with an SEO perspective, enhancing the likelihood of organic online discoverability for your website.

Product Upload and Listing
Web Design Progress 60%

The website boasts a simple and uncluttered layout that facilitates easy navigation. The colour palette employed across the website is a preference of the client.

Crucially, the website has been designed to withstand the test of time, requiring minimal substantial modifications or updates in the future.

Website User Experience
Web Design Progress 80%
The End Result

Allsop Interiors now have a fully responsive modern website which is secure and easy to navigate. 

Wrapping Up With Finishing Touches
Web Design Progress 100%